Primary Medical Services

HealthproMed offers primary medical services to low income people or who do not have a healthcare plan. However, it is also welcomed persons with health insurances who want to receive a diversity of medical services at the same place.

Among the primaries and integrated ancillary services that we offer, we also have:

General Medicine, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine

  • Health Preventive Clinics for Adults
  • Clinics for Acute Conditions


  • Health Preventive Clinics
  • Acute Conditions Clinics
  • Youth Health Clinics
  • Vaccination Clinics

Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Feminine Reproductive System Illness Clinics
  • Prenatal Care
  • Birth Control and Family Planning Clinics


  • Visual Care Clinics
  • Vision Test Clinics

Specialize Studies

  • Diagnostic Test for Prostatic Cancer
  • Diagnostic Test for HIV
  • Diagnostic Test for Cervical Cancer (PAB)
  • Diagnostic Test for Breast Cancer (with referral)
  • Electrocardiogram


  • Specialists in the area of Sample Collecting
  • Accurate results with the utmost privacy


  • Prescription Drugs
  • Over the Counter Drugs (OTC)

Pharmaceutical Care Clinic

  • Orientation about the proper use of medications

Patient Services

  • Sub-Specialists and External Services Referral
  • Pre-Authorization for studiesMedical Appointments
  • Special Conditions Registry


  • Orientation and Dietary Consulter


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